I Participate, I Compete, and I Achieve -- On the Second Staff Fun Games of Tianyi Biology

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In order to enrich the life of employees and practice the corporate culture, our company held the second fun sports meeting in the factory on November 19. This sports meeting involved 3 individual events and 4 team events, of which the individual events were divided into fixed shooting, rope skipping, touching a stone to cross the river, and the team events were divided into tug of war, weight-bearing relay, needle lead relay, and three person four foot race

I Participate,I Compete,and I Achieve--On the Second Staff Fun Games of Tianyi Biology

In order to enrich the life of employees and practice the corporate culture,our company held the second fun sports meeting in the factory on November 19,

This Games involves 3 individual events and 4 team events,

The individual events are divided into fixed shooting,rope skipping and rock crossing,while the team events are divided into tug of war,weight-bearing relay,thread through relay and three person four foot run.

More than 150 athletes participated,accounting for more than 70%of the total number of employees.

With the sound of gongs and drums,singing and dancing everywhere,and a lively atmosphere,the Games officially kicked off.






In order to finish the Games before dark,the host department of Hong Ming chose to put the tug of war before lunch and the opening ceremony.

The tug of war,the confrontation between power and power,even if I put the tug of war secret of the bad old man in the Squid Game again and again in my mind,I found that the bad old man was very bad,what he said was useless,and the victory ultimately belonged to the strong side.







At noon, I ate in the canteen of the factory staff. The spinach noodles of the aunt in the canteen were very noisy. All the people who ate said yes. As for those who forgot themselves and opened a basketball friendly game, it is said that someone promised to lose the game and invite them to eat.






After dinner,the versatile employees started the self congratulation session,including singing,drumming,gongs and chatting.

At 12:30 noon,the opening ceremony began with the sound of drums and gongs.

The Chairman,General Manager,Deputy General Manager,Chief Judge and other leaders of the Company were all present in full dress.President Li also delivered an opening speech,and all the following employees nodded their heads in praise.







At the end of the opening ceremony, the referee gave a sharp whistle, indicating the official start of the sports events.




Nothing to say,above.

The first item:fixed shooting.





The second item: rope skipping.






The third project: the weight-bearing relay, a bag of 30 kg, the photographer of the thick (lan) heart (duo) did not give a close-up of the athletes carrying the relay.







 The fourth project: thread through the thread relay.






The fifth item: three people four feet running.






The sixth project: cross the river by touching stones.






After fierce competition,the first prize,second prize and third prize of each project came out fresh.The athletes rubbed their hands excitedly and looked forward to the closing ceremony.

He came,he really came,and the closing ceremony came like a San Costume and Yong Shi(son).






After the award ceremony,the Games ended.The athletes from the headquarters boarded the bus and looked back at the venue.Some were happy,while others were slightly disappointed.

Life is like sailing against the current.If we don't compete,we will fall behind.I hope this Games will not only bring us happiness,prizes,but also sweat.It will also be our interpretation and annotation of life.