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Xi'an ACETAR BIO-TECH a national high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development,production and sales of plant extracts,health food raw materials,feed additives,etc.With the mission of serving human health,based on high-quality and high-performance hardware facilities,supported by leading biotechnology at home and abroad,relying on advanced innovative business philosophy and scientific and excellent management team,the company is committed to producing safe and efficient biological products.Adhering to the business philosophy of"Quality First",the company will continue to maintain and consolidate its leading position in the field of biological health in the future and make outstanding contributions to the health industry.

The company’s current core products are Ginkgo biloba extract,St.John's Wort Extract,Scutellaria baicalensis extract,SC licensed products and so on more than ten varieties.The company now has more than 100 products on the market,which are exported to Europe,America,Southeast Asia and other regions,and are well received by customers.It is committed to becoming the core manufacturer and core supplier of the natural active ingredient extraction industry.The company has two proprietary products with independent research and development intellectual property rights,and two plant extraction production lines in Zhouzhi country and Feng Xian country that meet GMP standards.It has an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of natural plants and has great potential for future development.According to the company's 2019-2021 three-year development plan,the company will further improve the company's production capacity,product quality and supply chain efficiency in the future.

The company established two wholly-owned subsidiaries,Xi'an Broadpro Bio-Tech Inc.and Zhouzhi country Tianyi Gubentang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.through acquisition and investment.Xi'an Broadpro Bio-Tech Inc.currently

assumes the functions of the company's trade and sales,and Zhouzhi County Tianyi Gubentang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.currently assumes the functions of the company's production base.In addition,the company has a branch in Fengxian,Baoji,which is one of the company's main production bases.

The company successfully passed the application for listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System for Small and Medium Enterprises on January 28,2015.The stock code is 831942.It is a listed company on the New Third Board of the Shaanxi Plant Extraction Industry.

Xi'an ACETAR BIO-TECH INC.adheres to the enterprise spirit of"competition,cohesion,vitality,trust,achievement,and responsibility",with an international vision and a rigorous and realistic attitude,using advanced science and technology in biochemistry and related fields to develop and transform Natural resources,produce high-quality,controllable natural products and related products that meet customer needs,and do their best for the rapid development of the plant extraction industry and even the Chinese medicine and health care products industry.

As a Chinese medicine extraction company listed in Shaanxi Province,ACETAR BIO-TECH INC.seized the opportunity and set sail.On the one hand,take advantage of the development opportunities brought by“the belt and Road”,and make good use of Xi’an’s location advantages and economic and cultural advantages to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.On the other hand,we will steadily implement the"Going Global"strategy in a timely and stable manner,seize the favorable opportunities of“the Belt and Road",make full use of the advantages of Chinese medicine resources in western China,improve the technical level,and expand market share.

At present,Xi’an ACETAR BIO-TECH INC.’s overseas sales account for approximately 70%of the total sales,but mainly in the South and North American markets.Driven by“the Belt and Road”construction,the company will further improve product quality and technical standards in the next three to five years,and be in line with international advanced technology and services.At the same time,it will pay more attention to the development of markets in Europe,West Asia,the Middle East,Africa and other places,so as to get rid of the company's dependence on the American market,achieve the company's marketing strategy balance and market cultivation goals,and ultimately achieve the company's international development goals.