Sales clerk


Job responsibilities:

1.Implemented the price and strategy set by the company,and actively developed the target market through exhibitions,B2B platforms,various search engines and social networking platforms.

2.Conducted business negotiations with customers,developed orders,signed sales contracts and followed up orders.

3.Develop and maintain customer relations,communicate with customers in a timely manner,record and feedback customer opinions,and establish and improve customer files.

4.Collected and analyzed information of competitors and developed corresponding sales strategies.



Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above,higher education is preferred,no limitation on major;

2.More than 2 years working experience,eager for success and high salary,willing to pay more efforts and time for the goal;

3.Teamwork spirit,good communication skills and learning ability;

4.Experience in plant extraction and pharmaceutical marketing is preferred;

5.Pharmacy related majors are preferred.



1.5 days of paid annual leave

2.Holiday benefits

3.Cover the




Contact information:

Contact person: ma jiao

Tel: 15877522985 / 029-81028030-821


Add: Floor 1, building 1, building 1, digital China technology park, zhangba north road, yanta district, xi 'an city