Technical developer


Job responsibilities:

1.Assisted the project supervisor to carry out relevant plant extraction projects and plant extraction experiments,and cooperated with the project supervisor and technicians to complete the expanded production of the experimental projects;

2.Ensure the smooth development of the experimental project according to the established technological process;

3.Research and develop products according to the company's production plan,propose production possibilities,production processes and technical data,and solve relevant production technical problems;

4.Regularly fill in standard experimental records and reports.

5.Other technical or research and development work.


Job requirements:

1.Love research and development of plant extraction and technical work;

2.Bachelor degree or above in chemistry,chemical technology,traditional Chinese medicine,pharmacy or other related majors;



1.5 days of paid annual leave

2.Holiday benefits

3.Cover the


Contact information:

Contact person: ma jiao

Tel: 15877522985 / 029-81028030-821


Add: Floor 1, building 1, building 1, digital China technology park, zhangba north road, yanta district, xi 'an city